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A place where you can explore the yellow brick roads of your life and learn more about the power of your ruby slippers. Below you’ll find the current and upcoming TOURS and ADVENTURES available to you. 

If you are an aspiring dreamer… certain your gold is somewhere over the rainbow and you’ve not yet harnessed the power of your ruby slippers… you’ve come to the right place!

Explore the magic of the Wonderful Wisdom of Oz to click your heels right on out of your current situation and into a passion filled, purposeful and prosperous life. 

Let’s go on an adventure to:

  • Trust your inner voice (Toto)
  • Uncover your true value (Scarecrow)
  • Reveal your passions (Tin man)
  • Activate your courage (Lion)
  • and… fulfill your life’s purpose 
Tarot Reading by Loreen Muzik

Toto’s Intro to Tarot

Anyone can read the tarot. Yes – even you. All you need is the desire, a deck of tarot cards and the patience to allow a message to be revealed to you through art.

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This is just a teenie sneak peek behind the scenes of the Intro to Tarot Course. This lesson will show you how to read tarot in just a few short moments. If you'd like to dive deeper You'll find 10+ hours of content in the FULL course version.

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